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What Will Mayor de Blasio’s Second Term Look Like? The State of the City 2018
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What You Should Know About Governor Cuomo’s 2018 State of the State Speech 
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New Year, New Leadership at New York City Council 
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4 of 4 Benefits of the Cannabis Industry: An Embattled Marriage; Technology and Cannabis 
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3 of 4 Benefits of the Cannabis Industry: Health Benefits of Cannabis 
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2 of 4 Benefits of the Cannabis Industry: How Legalizing Cannabis Impacts the Criminal Justice System 
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1 of 4 Benefits of the Cannabis Industry: The Economic Boost for States 
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What Do the New NYC Energy Mandates for Buildings Mean For Your Business 
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Introducing the New NYC Council →
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Autonomous Vehicle Pilots Around the U.S.: A Look at the Proving Grounds →
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Newark: The East Coast Silicon Valley? →
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Welcome to New York, URBAN-X Cohort 3! →
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What are the Blockchain Opportunities for Government? 
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Governor Cuomo’s Major Milestones for New York Infrastructure Projects 
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The Three Pillars for Successful Entry into the New York Market 
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What are Cities Losing by not Championing Drone, Robot and Autonomous Technologies?  
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New York Governor Announces $10 Billion Plan to Transform JFK Airport  
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Building Consensus: Why Stakeholder Engagement Matters When Change-Making 
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Support Critical Thinking Education: Spot Fake News + Make America Smart Again 
posted November 2016

Interview with Simon Sylvester-Chaudhuri: Urban Tech and NYC Smart Cities Expo 2017 
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Are Cities the Promised Land for Clean Tech? 
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Helping UK Based GNI Guard Enter the NYC Market 
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Increasing Mobility in an Growing Urban Environment 
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Tom Gray Honored by Education-Technology Not-For-Profit 
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Leveraging Smartphones To Create Smarter Schools 
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Entering the New York Market Presentation at NYC Tech Breakfast 
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Meet Our Newest Client, Ilan Feder, Founder of DIF-USA 
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Veterans Building Smart Cities
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Israel’s Culture of Innovation
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Tom Gray Honored as Veteran Leader in NYC 
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